With our workshop flat (available for holders of the performance membership) you can participate in all internal workshops (only +10€ per month). Of course our members can also book the workshops individually (from 25€). Non-members are also welcome to join.

We cover the following topics among others:

  • Gymnastics 
  • Weightlifting
  • Nutrition
  • Mobility

We regularly invite experts whose workshops our members can attend at discounted rates.

These are our current workshops:

  • Sunday, 5/28-23 11am-1pm Healthy Back (Patricia)
  • Sunday, 6/11-23 3pm-4pm Snatch (Kai)
  • Sunday, 6/18-23 1pm-3pm Handstand / HSW (Vanessa)
  • Sunday, 8/6-23 1pm-3pm Track&Field (Sprint at Arena Sportpark) (Vanessa)

 How to participate:

  • Send us your registration using the contact form or
  • register directly in RESAWOD.

Community Events

Community is an essential aspect of CrossFit - because sweating together is simply better. We regularly offer our members free events - even outside our hallowed halls (for example, at the water ski facility in Langenfeld).

Here you can find updates about community events:

  • Saturday, 6/03/-23 Murph Day
  • Saturday, 6/18-23 Biathlon #pempelforce
  • Saturday, 8/26-23 Sommer party / Waterski Langenfeld