Our teens program is specifically designed for the younger age groups: It improves athletic performance and coordination and thus prevents sports injuries. It also promotes the development of cognitive abilities and improves concentration. We want to inspire our young members to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Our goal for Teens is not to build the best CrossFit athlete. We want to establish and maintain a good basic endurance with the training method. We want to train skills such as coordination and balance. We also want to help ensure that the children and young people are well equipped for all kinds of activities: whether for school or sports holidays or other sports. We encourage our young members to try out new things and above all to enjoy exercise.

It's not a big secret that excercising has a positive influence on the teens' attitude: They know they are accomplishing something, they see marked improvements in skills, lifts, speed, and the positive feedback from coaches bolsters self-esteem.

Due to its strong community character, CrossFit also promotes social aspects such as mutual respect and camaraderie.


The goal of our teens classes is to introduce them to the correct execution of the 9 Foundational movements in CrossFit. We start here to teach different lifts with a PVC bar (plastic bar) or light technical barbells. We increase the weights only slowly, always under the premise that the movement is carried out cleanly and safely. Workouts are individually scaled. We use medicine balls, ropes, technical barbells, light dumbbells, etc. The complexity and the weights increase only moderately - practicing and fun are the focus here as well. 

Course times:

  • Wednesday: 6 p.m. - 7 p.m. (11-15 years)
  • More times will be discussed with the parents in our What's App Group.


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